Welcome to The Jennifer Lang Show

Welcome to The Jennifer Lang Show

Where we share all things Jennifer Lang. From music and fashion. To insurance, personal finance, online estate planning, wills, revocable trusts and more.

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I have much to teach you grasshopper.

Proverbs 13:22 says: A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children's children; but, how do we do that? It all starts with wisdom, knowledge, understanding and a plan.

Our world is changing right in front of our eyes. What worked yesterday, sometimes won't work today.

We take a different approach to Financial Literacy and Retirement Planning. The Jennifer Lang Show is here to teach, help and inform. Our timely eBooks and interactive newsletter will not only keep you on top of financial news, but give our Subscribers insight on ways to protect families and small business owners without any stock market risk. Prefer a hard copy? No problem. We'll mail our "Home" magazine and Newsletter straight to your door.

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What's our mission? To Redefine Wealth Building.

Americans have a real and pressing need for financial planning, whether undertaken on their own (hopefully with the assistance of a professional) or through the professional services of a financial adviser.

The lack of planning that has generally prevailed has contributed to a low saving rate with consequences in other areas. Families don’t always understand the interactions between different types of income and deductions, leading to potentially significant tax inefficiency in their retirement strategy. Our mission is to reveal no-market risk strategies that will not only help build and accumulate wealth, but create generational wealth for goal minded individuals.

Life Long Learners Keep Going.

From your desktop to your phone. Learn how to plan and protect your financial future today.

Above all, get wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

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